Thursday, 19 October 2017

TGIF...It is déjà vu

Sometimes it pays a little more to a lot more. I stumbled on a guy selling a whole lot of over-priced GEO NEO gear in the local auction and spotted two games I would like. There was a fair amount of to and fro but at the end I convinced him his prices are based on international demand and the NZ demand is nothing like that. I also got him to register for credit card payments, which is an awesome way to attract new buyers. Win-Win aye?

The marque for Andro Dunos looks suspiciously like another STG...

Nothing like Jammin in the wind, like Windjammers. One of the best future sports ever, next to Soccer Brawl and Baseball 2020.

The quality of the documentation is insanely good.

I can see my floor now~

After a whole week of bubble wrapping and labelling the arcade boards, I have rid the room of the oversized cardboard coffins they were in. During the course of archiving, I had collected a giant box full of JAMMA looms the operator used to interface the boards to the machines. In NZ, the machines have their own type of connections, probably instigated by the Coincascade or Wizards Entertainment group.

A fair bit of spillage of NEO GEO gear here and there.

STV carts are quite hard to store, too small to stack and too big to store.

I manage to fill the shelves with most of  my latest acquisitions. Got a couple CPS1 games strew about as I test them before selling. The cardboard boxes contain game boards I have sold or selling at the moment.

Keeping the top shelf relatively light in weight but heavy in value. May the arcade Gods bless them from harm.

I will try to put the games in categories soon to fully utilise the space. Might need to fabricate some kind of index place holders to make looking for games easier.

These are very special games that I would be working on as soon as my order of JAMMA fingerboards arrive.

This shelf holds the heavy boards and my CPS2 stash. Some of them are still in their original boxes and paperwork. I got a couple of my NAOMI setup for sale at the moment to free up some room. CPS2 games are highly collectable.

Wishing you were you can, sort of.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Thunder strikes for the second time. It’s Thunder Dragon 2 folks.

upon further inquiry to yet another Street Fighter 2 Cabinet on the local auction site. The seller was offering some gameboards for sale. From his location and the cabinets in the background, I was 80% sure what he had on offer before he answered.

And it was this game

One of NMK’s greats Thunder Dragon 2. I already have Thunder Dragon so this addition is a must. The price is super reasonable. 

And a candid shot of some games I played this weekend.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Done some adapters for the new boards and a grim discovery...

I just received the parcel today and decided it would be a good time to test them out. All the boards I got are non JAMMA boards so what that means is that provided the power supply is the same that I would expect from a JAMMA connector, I needed to adapt the games input/output to JAMMA standards. Luckily all the boards came with their own harness so it is a matter of mixing and matching the connections.

First up we have a SEGA System 16 classic: Shinobi. The reason why that big Hitachi chip is there is to thwart piracy (more on this later...) so there is a level of encryption in the game data to prevent bootleggers to copy the games information.

Next up, as featured last post, is Wonderboy...hmmm...upon closer inspection, it is a conversion from 4D Warriors. I am not sure whether it was a factory conversion or one done by the operator, but it was definitely converted from the other System 1 game. No matter, I prefer this over the System 2 retrofit setup with daughterboards etc. Could this been an illegal conversion away from SEGA's eyes? I would need to consult with friends in Japan for more details.

And finally, something that was not on the list in the first place when enquiring about Wonderboy...this small wonder: Bubble Bobble! Now I have completed my Bubble Bobble & Rainbow Island collection. Looking forward to powering both of them on at the same time.

First I worked on the System 1 to JAMMA adapter. Took me no time and done a double check before I powered on my AV7000.

It works. Everything worked as advertised.

Now I move onto the System 16 to JAMMA adapter. It was a little more involving since it incorporates a second player.

Time to rescue those damn ninja kids..

Finally I move onto the Bubble Bobble to JAMMA head was spinning by the end of this because I needed to double check the orientation of the 3 harnesses as well as their relative input/outputs. I think I totally maxed out all the Ground inputs on the JAMMA connection including video ground.

Everyone was right, it is a beautiful game.

Sorry to leave the post on this video note...good luck getting the music out of your head for the rest of the day.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Some quick talking got me a couple of classic games...since 1987!

I happen to stumble by an auction on Trademe for a Wonderboy auction and absolutely can not believe the deal to be had...

Surely classic gaming is not as inaccessible as people made it out to be?

Thrown in the mix I got an original working SEGA Shinobi, a slightly glitchy Galaga (my first NES game...) and an original working Taito Bubble Bobble.

A fair price is what I paid today...

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

A Public Appeal...

Dear would be owners of candy cabinets...

Please do some research about the cabinet in question before resorting to this:

At least the side still looks good.